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Oricon Aranel
09 February 2007 @ 04:00 pm
oh pretending to work and getting paid. I <3 this.
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Oricon Aranel
04 February 2007 @ 04:30 pm
I know, I haven't posted in a while. I think I might start again. I like keeping a journal in that I like to be able to go back and see read where I was a year ago, two months ago, 5 years ago. I've never been very good at it, as you can see though. LJ has my best journal record though, I can't keep paper ones at all. They all have a few days, weeks, the longest have a few months in them, but nothing more.
I just like keeping track of the little things, things that seem mundane, but are fun to read about after.

For instance, today I'm have a very relaxing day, my current show is open, today is a day off, and later Patrick and I are going to curl up and watch Doctor Who. It's a good day. :)
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Oricon Aranel
01 January 2007 @ 02:05 am
Well, a New Year. Let's look at last year.
In 2006 I (in chronomological order):
-actually officially moved out of home
-graduated university
-moved in with the greatest guy in the world.

I've had a pretty sweet year.
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Oricon Aranel
30 August 2006 @ 02:55 pm
Well I haven't posted in what seems like a few million years, but I just want to let the world know that I AM MOVING ON FRIDAY!
Moving in with my amazing boyfriend in a wonderful downtown apartment.


I'm the luckiest person alive.
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Oricon Aranel
14 June 2006 @ 10:26 am
So that car problem? It was the trasmission. It needs replacing. Entirely.

What fun.
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Oricon Aranel
07 June 2006 @ 10:04 pm
So I graduate from university tomorrow (Thursday). I'm going home for this extravaganza, because mum and dad want to watch.

I left work and drove in to the city to catch the plane. At the first light off the highway, a random light (it said 'HOLD') started flashing on my dashboard. It stopped when I drove on. It happened again, a few lights later, but stopped when I drove. I arrived at Patrick's house and tried to park. I couldn't reverse. It took a lot of effort and sounded something like "revrevrevrevrevrevTHUNK*roll a tiny bit*". Repeat until in proper place.

I looked up the random light in the handbook (am I the only person that actually uses a car's handbook?) and it means 'the transaxle has an electrical fault' DO NOT DRIVE YOUR CAR. oops. After a small freak-out, I left car, key, and insurance (I was going to take it with me so we could transfer the car to me) with said boyfriend. He'll hopefully have time to get it to a Mazda dealership and get them to treat it.
Phoned dad, freaked out a bit. He gave me the Victoria Mazda dealership number, so the one here can phone them and get the car's history. He doesn't think it'll be too big, but I think he was saying that to calm me down.

We got to the airport and I checked in only to be told that no, my flight isn't leaving at 9:15pm, it's leaving at 10:40pm. And my knitting is in my suitcase, as the flight is only an hour, and I wasn't expecting a long wait. bah. Oh well, we got a bit more time together than I thought, and now I have a good book to amuse me. Using the internet right now though so the book will last the whole flight.

Oricon Aranel
16 March 2006 @ 09:52 pm
Today's plan:
9am - get in the 3-ton theatre truck with the ATD. She and I were to go into Calgary, stop at two places, pick stuff up, and be back in time to eat at the staff caf before it closes at 1:30pm.
Here's what actually happened.

We arrived early at the theatre, couldn't find the keys.
Wait for the TD to come in, he finds us the spare set. We go out to the truck and find the original set still in the ignition.
The ignition has been on since the truck was last used (by the TD, may I add) about a week ago.
Call Maintenance to get someone to jumpstart it.
Ever tried to jumpstart a 3-ton truck? That took 45 minutes.
So we're finally on our way, and as we're a truck, when we get to the weigh scales, we have to stop. We stop. We roll forward. We roll backward. We get pulled over.
Two bored old men decided they'd have some fun, and talk to the two girls driving a truck, none of those nasty male truck drivers. That takes half an hour.
We get into town, get to our places, pick our crap up, load it in, etc. We were late, they were waiting, but we got it in fast.
We hadn't been planning on stopping for lunch, but now it was about 2, so we stop at the Tim Horton's in Canmore for lunch. We are both craving chili.
They have no chili.
Or bacon.
Or tuna.
Or cheese.
Or chicken.
In fact, if you don't want egg salad, well, they have bagels. And stale donuts.
Starting tomorrow, the Canmore Tim's will be run out of a trailer in the parking lot, because of renovations. They will only be serving coffee, so they have been letting their food supplies run out.
There's an Esso right next to the Tim's, so we go to fill up. We realise that there seem to be 2 gas tanks on this thing. We conclude that they must be joined some how, and start filling the passenger side one. It takes $115 of gas.
She pulls the Esso card out of the little book that stays in the truck (there's also a Petrocan and a Shell card. There's also a Petrocan across from the Esso we're at).
She comes back. The Esso card expired in December. Luckily she has enough on her Visa for the gas.
We get back at about 3:45, without hitting any deer, which we decided was a minor miracle.
I go back to my desk, sit down, start doing my office thing. I'm uncomfy (stupid chairs) so I decide to sit cross-legged. I do so. I look down, and realise that my pants have a large rip in them. Inner upper thigh, about 5 inches big. I have no idea where it came from, or how long it was there. But that's a rather large hole in a pretty personal area.

This brings the total of my pants in Banff to:
Ripped: 3
Unripped: 2 (and one of these is dress pants)

Only I can get away with wearing the other ripped pants, I don't mind if my knees are hanging out. This new area? Not so much.

But it was so much more fun than a day in the office! I wanna do it again!
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Oricon Aranel
09 March 2006 @ 12:01 pm
So. Hello. I haven't updated in ages, I know. My internet at home hasn't been working, and I'm not a fan of posting from work. But I need something to do.

Work is rather boring. ALthough last night at 5pm we got a call saying the entire town of Banff has been put on a boil water alert, so we went all battlestations and made signs, found plastic bags and tape, and covered the whole building in 'do not drink the water!!' signs.

Last night was also cool because I got to go to a Barenaked Ladies concert, for free. Well, for the price of the taxi to the Banff Springs. Which is a damn cheap concert ticket, when you split that between 4 people in the taxi. There was this huge convention thing of people from the states (a restaurant chain called Texas Roadhouse, they're all filthy rich) who basically just said 'we want that' and they have so much money, that they got what they wanted. But they used our theatre Monday, so we got passes as a thank you. I caught a guitar pick!

My free time has been spent climbing and knitting, and weekends in Calgary. I'm knitting mum a lave scarf for her birthday which is much closer now than it was when I ordered the yarn of eBay, so most evenings are TV adn knitting. This weekend isn't a Calgary weekend (sigh) but I will get a lot of knitting done, hopefully.

ack. work calls.
Oricon Aranel
27 February 2006 @ 08:21 am
holy crap it's snowing a lot.
Oricon Aranel
26 February 2006 @ 05:49 pm
I've kissed someone...
01. [x] on the cheek.
02. [x] on the lips.
03. [x] on their hands or fingers.
04. [x] in my room.
05. [x] in their room.
06. [x] of the opposite sex.
07. [ ] of the same sex.
08. [x] a little younger than me.
09. [x] a little older than me.
10. [x] with black hair.
11. [x] with curly hair.
12. [x] blonde hair and blue eyes.
13. [x] with red hair.
14. [x] with straight hair.
15. [ ] shorter than me.
16. [ ] with a lip ring.
17. [x] who I truly love/loved.
18. [x] who was drunk.
19. [x] who was high.
20. [x] in the morning.
21. [x] right after waking up.
22. [x] just before bed.
23. [x] late at night.
24. [ ] who I had just met.
25. [ ] who I really didn't want to kiss.
26. [x] just talking not dating.
27. [x] on a bed.
28. [ ] in a graveyard.
29. [ ] at school.
30. [x] against a wall.
31. [x] at a show.
32. [ ] at the beach.
33. [ ] at a concert.
34. [ ] in a pool.
35. [x] who was/is a good friend.
36. [x] in the rain.
37. [ ] with an std.
38. [x]in the shower.
39. [x] in a car/taxi/bus.
40. [x] in the movies.
41. [x] in a bathroom/laundry room.
42. [x] in the dark.
43. [ ] on a roof top.
44. [ ] under water.
45. [x] while driving.
46. [ ] a stranger.
47. [ ] more than one person at once.
48. [x] crying.
49. [ ] goodbye forever.
50. [x] when I was drunk.
51. [ ] who didn't speak English.
52. [ ] in a hot tub.
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